David R. - Murfreesboro, TN

I have been in the Forestry Mulching Business since 2007 and have been using ONELOK teeth on my Rayco C140 for 2 years. I can honestly say they are the best teeth I have used. Before using ONELOK teeth I spent a full day changing teeth and needed someone to assist me. The OEM teeth seemed to all wear down at the same time. With ONELOK teeth I replace only a few at a time as needed and can do it alone thanks to the Quick Change system. The ONELOK teeth actually cut wood instead of hammering it which I think is easier on my machine. I feel that changing to ONELOK teeth has saved me time and money as well as producing a better mulching job for my customers. OTM has been great to work with and they are always interested in your opinion as well as what you think could be done to improve the product. I highly recommend ONELOK teeth.


Troy R. - Vidalia, GA

Those new teeth are awesome. !!! 10 times better than factory original.


Dave B. - Palm Bay, FL

Appreciate your fast response to our needs for we are rapidly approaching our busiest brush control season of the year. Operator says they are much faster cutting than the OEM teeth. Also they are able to cut much larger trees without bogging down the machine. Yes, we like them buddy. Teeth are doing Great!!!!!


David P. - Noble, OK

The ONELOK teeth are amazing and I'm glad I found you guys thanks for everything and I'll be calling you for my next set when these wear out. I'm working them 8hrs everyday with no problems at all!!! Thanks!